A new book with a directory of food and drink producers based in Kerry has just been launched. Read the press release here.

The Taste Kerry Food & Drink Producer Directory and official Taste Kerry Website was launched at the Institute of Technology Tralee, Co. Kerry by Taste Kerry. The directory, which will be given out free of charge (you can view or download it here at Issuu.comcontains a listing of over 150 local Kerry food and drink producers.

The key aim of the book is to remind chefs, distributors, hotels, restaurants, retailers and local customers of the wealth of home-produced and home-grown produce that Kerry has to offer and to give them a direct way of sourcing it. Kerry has a magnificent larder of ingredients on its doorstep, and Taste Kerry want to give a strong and vibrant message that Kerry is open for business in relation to food and drink, and that we have some of the best producers not just in Ireland, but throughout the world.

T.J O` Connor, Chairperson Taste Kerry said: “When it comes to food producers, the individual is as important as the product, because they bring their own passion, beliefs and character to bear on what they do and they all have their respective stories to tell. In this publication and website this is reflected, as well as events and experiences related to food and drink.”

The Taste Kerry directory and website has a detailed list of producers in the areas of confectionery/baking, gluten-free baking, vegetables, honey, seafood and fish, meat products, dairy produce, organic produce, retail, drinks and vegetarian food, Kerry Cookery Schools, and information on Kerry Farmers’ Markets and Food & Drink Festivals within the county throughout the year. This extensive listing of Kerry’s food and drink offerings enables those who are geared up to sell local food and drink products to advertise their passion to both businesses and consumers, be that in retail outlets and/or individual stalls within the Farmers’ Markets setting. Also incorporated into the Taste Kerry website are useful links to social media, wider events and other websites to find out everything about local food and drink within the region.

The book will be distributed countywide to all businesses which provide a food and drink offering, in an effort to encourage them to use local produce to provide people who live in Kerry, and visitors, with a unique food and drink experience. It will also be sent to food distributors both nationally and internationally.

Moira Murrell, Chief Executive of Kerry County Council stated: “Kerry County Council is pleased to support this project which outlines the variety and sources of our unique food products. County Kerry is a vibrant county with a thriving food heritage closely aligned to a long established tourism industry. Food trends are changing with an increased emphasis on source, quality and wellbeing. Kerry is a world famous brand and it is vital that the county builds on this through our combined efforts.”

Anyone who wants to buy more local produce and keep both money and jobs within the local economy should have a copy!

Further information

Download the Taste Kerry book here Issuu.com

Image of cover of the Taste Kerry Book on request [email protected].

For a printed copy of  Taste Kerry Book, interview and quotes contact TJ O’Connor, Chairperson Taste Kerry, email [email protected] or call 087 6277141.

If you would like to interview any of the producers mentioned in the publication, please contact TJ O’Connor to arrange.

Recipe text and high resolution images available from [email protected]